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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love this Baby

First off, I'm trying to catch up. It's been a busy month. Preparing for our move to Vienna and raising 3 kiddos has been a bit crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So, here's a glimpse of our life over the last month... yes, it really has been a whole month since my last post. (Blogger guilt has set in.)

I must say, we really, really just love this little guy. Honestly, I don't think an easier, more laid back baby ever existed. I can say this joyfully (not pridefully) because as a mother of 2 older boys, I realize there is nothing I did to earn this Easy Guy. It's just who he is.
Thankfully, he's not crawling yet. He does an Army Crawl periodically, but he has to be really motivated. One of the things that he will crawl to is cords. He's enamored with cords - go figure.
And I love this picture because I actually caught a cute smile, as opposed to his silly posing smiles.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cleaning House

We've had some great success with Ebay & Craig's List lately. We've sold quite a few things as we begin paring down our possessions to head to Vienna. Here are a some of the items we've

A bedroom set consisting of a bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror and armoire

A train table

A stroller accessory for an infant car seat

A casserole dish

We'll be doing a BIG moving sale next weekend. Hoping that it will be a HUGE success!

Rubber Ducky

Calvin LOVES taking baths. Sadly enough, he doesn't get them nearly enough (or as long) as he would like. The other night was spent a good, long while in the tub.
And I must say, I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.

School Open House

We went to Worthy's Open House at school and were reminded (yet again) with how pleased we are that he is at his school. He adores his teacher, likes his friends and really seems to be well adapted to his kindergarten class. He took us on a tour of his classroom and I think he really liked being the expert.
Last week, his job was Weather Helper. He's decided that is his favorite job... watch out Al Roker :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Worthy's Foray into Photography

Worthy has begun to take interest in our camera. In the past, other than seeing the view screen, he hasn't been too keen on cameras. That all seemed to change a couple weeks ago. He's been very excited to line up his toys and take pictures of them. Here is some of his finest work :)

Go-Go's on display

These are his Battleforce 5 guys.
He began by taking picture of them grouped, then he proceeded to line each guy up next to the car (those didn't turn out so well...)
Not the greatest picture, but "E" for Effort :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Messy Messy Males

I'm perpetually cleaning up messes. Always. It seems. A spilled cup of milk, toys off the floor, diapers, toys, leftover sandwich crumbs and more toys. We've had a couple of days filled with messes that I decided to catch on camera.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was making some homemade bread. Hence the flour cannister on the counter. It was rising and I kept the cannister out because I'd have to knead it again. (You already see where this is going...). Well William got up on the bar, found a handy plastic spoon and began to play in the flour cannister. The mess doesn't show up too well because of the color of our countertop. I should have gotten a picture of our wooden floors.
The next day, I made some French toast (which was real yummy, btw). I put powdered sugar on William's. This was the aftermath of licking the plate.
Calvin eating prunes. This mess would eventually lead to another mess.
The other day, I saw that William had some pen marks on his face. No big deal. Then a while later I went to change his diaper and this is what I discovered. Yep - pen all over his tummy. He looked down, giggled and said "Mess".

Ode to Uncle Chris

Calvin has begun to "smile" for the camera when we take pictures. I'm not sure if this is even possible at his age. He ends up doing this goofy face instead of a real smile - which kind of ends up being funnier. I'm not sure if we say "smile" or if it's the Red Eye light on the camera - who knows... but here's evidence of his goofy (and loveable) "ode-to-Uncle-Chris" smiles:

Lastly, this is why it's an Ode to my dear brother...
I love him, but sometimes he flashes these totally goofy smiles :)


I love having Calvin in the hand-me-downs from his older brothers. Each outfit I dress him in carries memories of his brothers. There are even some that are stained which I remember wrestling with strain removers, etc. only to lose miserably. At the time, I use to be annoyed, but even those stains have sweet memories now. They grow up so, so fast that it's nice to have recurring reminders that once my older two were really this little.
Calvin (above) and Worthy (below)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Worthy and I finally got around to enjoying a favorite pastime of Citrus County residents: scalloping. Jeremy and Heather Johnson and their three kids took Worthy and I out into the Gulf. We donned snorkeling gear and caught enough scallops to enjoy a really good scallop pasta the next night. Worthy transformed from only wanting to fish and being nervous about being on a boat to putting on all the gear and enjoying a jump-off-the-side-of-the-boat competition with the three Johnson kid. Dad was content to swim around, picking up scallops (and the occasional starfish) off the gulf floor.

I found this video footage of scalloping. It looks exactly like what I experienced.