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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cute Will

Will still loves his Christmas present.
I just took this the other day... love those cheeks!!!!

Running Men

We had a busy weekend. This past year Dan and two of his friends, Dan S. & Hein, have been training for the Disney Marathon. Dan had been quite sick this past week and was unsure if he was going to be able to race (I would have used this as a valid excuse...) Anyway, he decided to give it a valiant effort. We drove to Orlando with our friends and went out and Pasta Binged the night before.
Hein & Rachel

Men, Will, Worthy & Dan S.

The next morning was RACE day! The boys met at 3:30AM (not a typo) and set out to the park to start the race. I slept. Thanks to modern technology I was able to keep track of Dan through a device he had attached to his shoe that would send me text messages of his progress - VERY helpful. Because he had been sick, I was expecting to stop getting updates, thinking he ran out of steam, but NO, he finished and did AMAZING!!
He finished in 5hr30min.

and yes... he got a Gold Mickey Mouse medal :)

All the guys finished and are still friends - hopefully not hating Dan for getting them into this in the first place. Ha-ha

Citrus County Excursion

The day after Christmas, we went to Rainbow Springs Park. It was a beautiful day, Bing Crosby would have had nothing to sing about. We had a fun time watching people swim - crazy northerners and just hiking around.

A rare pic of me and my son... we really do love each other... I just always seem to be the one wielding the camera :)

It was a warm day... did I mention that yet?

And yes, we're still in Florida

Sweet Will, was exhausted and did not have a great day, but he's still real cute, even when unhappy.


Yes, we did celebrate Christmas almost a month ago, but I figured I'd throw some pics up anyway. It's taken a while to get our hard drive in order and I can catch up on some much-needed posts.
Our Tree... notice there are no ornaments on the bottom portion...

And, this was our attempt at a family picture with all the kiddos... our BEST attempt :)
Worthy, Emily, Will, Jack & Charlotte

Worthy loved his Hot Wheels racing ramp (and is still playing with it, which makes it a true hit)

And of course, Will was thrilled to play with boxes and wrapping paper, but he also liked the percussion toys that Worthy got

But, the biggest hit, across the board was Will's gift. It's a silly ball popper, but all the kiddos were mesmerized.

Will Turns ONE

So Will had an uneventful birthday. He was not very interested in opening presents, so Worthy was able to have some fun ripping into them.

However, once they were opened, he did have fun with the toys...

And he really was not all that excited about cake - honestly! He did not like the icing on his fingers, but he would eat it if I fed it to him (which defeats the whole purpose... silly boy).