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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, A to Z

We are grateful that three days before moving to Vienna we were able to share Thanksgiving with the Beilmans in Lake Wales.

One of our Thanksgiving traditions is going through the alphabet in order and telling each other what we're thankful for that begins with each letter. We take turns, so usually each person gets 5 or 6 things to share. Jen and I forgot to do it this year until our ride home from my parents' house in Lake Wales, so it was just the two of us alternating letters. This year, we are thankful for


the Bond Jen feels with the boys

Chris and Char

our Dads


Fox Soccer Channel

the Gospel

Mrs. Huey

Ice Cream

John Worthy

King Jesus


our Moms

our faithful Nissan Sentra

Dr. Old

Pizza nights

moments of Quiet


our Siblings




World Cup 2010

Xrays that showed Jen’s broken toe wouldn’t need surgery


uninterrupted Zzzzz’s

Monday, November 1, 2010


On Halloween we went to our church, Seven Rivers, and participated in Trunk or Treat. The boys dressed up as The Chipmunk's: Alvin, Simon & Theodore. This was Worthy's wonderful idea... although he arrived at it only after I scrapped Anakin Skywalker & Darth Vader.
The costumes were super easy to assemble. From Goodwill I was able to pick up a (ladies) red turtleneck and a red hat. Big Lots - Simon's classes. Walmart - yellow felt for the "A". Lastly, I had trouble finding a blue turtleneck that would be long enough for Worthy. I happened to run into Bealle's Outlet on a quick recommendation from my parents. I came across a Men's 5XL. It was perfect! I had to do a lot of hemming, etc., but was thrilled (just check out the neck on him...).
Notice William's face. I drew one whisker on him and that was all he wanted.
Truck or Treat was awesome! There were tons of kids and great trunks. This was our favorite. Can you guess the theme??
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The kiddos got some sweet loot. We loved hearing William say "Twick or Tweet".
And afterwards, we even capped off the night with doing a little bit of door-to-door in our own neighborhood. Just a wonderful night!