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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Will

We sure do adore our sweet Will. He's growing up so fast. This was snapped when he was laying down watching BBC news... seriously.

Book Dress-up

Last week Worthy's class dressed up as their favorite book character. He chose the book Minosaur, mainly because he had a dinosaur hat that he wanted to wear. It was fun to see all the other pre-schoolers dressed up and makes me all the more eager for Halloween.
At the end, they all lined up for the parents to take pictures, video, make a documentary, etc.
It was cute.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real Citrus County

Worthy had his first soccer practice and match on Monday night. We were all quite unsure what to expect, but he ended up having a GREAT time and really enjoying it! He had a great time - despite looking all serious here.
They split up into the orange and blue teams and did some skill learning. After the skill learning they played a scrimmage. Personally, the blue team seemed a little stacked to me :)
Here's a clip from the scrimmage:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DC United v. Real Madrid

Wow - I'm not sure how I missed blogging about this!! When we were in Akron, Dan & I got to head up to DC for a mini-vacation from the kiddos. Unfortunately, Dan was sick, so we had to shorten it to one night instead of two. We had gotten tickets to go see DC United v. Real Madrid. (Dan should really be blogging about this... he's the soccer guru). Anyway, we (yes, both of us) were really looking forward to it. We met up with some of our Annapolis buddies, The VanderWalls, that also have a passion for the sport.

First off - the traffic! Oh, how easily I forget about it. It was Sunday at 2pm and we were in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Beltway - gotta love DC! We met up with our friends got to FedEx field and the amazing heat. It was super-toasty.

I have never seen a live soccer match - so this was really exciting for me. The energy in the stadium was just fantastic. This was as the game was starting. This was the start of the game and it seemed like most of the 75,000 attendees were still caught in traffic.
DC did a phenomenal job in the first half. They were able to hang with Real and held them to 0-0 at the end of the half.
However, that soon changed... and Madrid ended up winning 2-0. It was still super fun to watch.

We had a GREAT time - blazing heat and all!