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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sheepshead at Burke's

Last night I got to go see Sheepshead, the Irish Band that Dan's in, play at Burke's. Here's a pic and a video of a new song they tried out last night. Fun stuff.
Video of Sheepshead singing "The Body of an American" by the Pogues

Trunk or Treat

Last night at the church we had an event called Trunk or Treat. Church volunteers decorated the trunk of their car and passed out candy. Here are some of our friends with their 70's themed trunk.

There was a great turnout of volunteers. We didn't even make it to all the cars.

Worthy dressed up as a T-Rex and William dressed up as Captain William Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

One of the trunks was Star Trek themed and we got a shot of Will at the helm... he was VERY distracted by the balloon hanging nearby...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Annapolis Recap

So we had a WONDERFUL visit in Annapolis. It went beyond our wildest expectations. First off, we stayed for 2 whole weeks with some dear friends, The Millis', and Praise God - they still like us! I knew they were kind & hospitable, but I anticipated that after 2 weeks with anyone we'd be glad to be heading home. That was so NOT the case. As much time as we got to spend with them, it just wasn't enough - isn't it amazing how God works that out?!

Some highlights:
  • Weather - The fall weather was such a cool, refreshing change for us. It was fun to drag out the pants and long sleeves. I wasn't even sure that the kids had coats - thank God for hand-me-downs that were packed away! The leaves were just beautiful and it was a great opportunity to have a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate. During our second night there, Worthy said "I want to go back to the Warm World." I think he's a Florida Boy at heart.
  • Friends - It was such a joyful couple weeks getting to see dear friends. My only complaint is that we couldn't spend more time with each of them. It just felt like a small foretaste of the Kingdom to me. Someday we'll be in great fellowship with no time constraints.
  • Answered Prayers - We had so many answered prayers while we were there. It was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit paving our way. We had wonderful meetings, a full schedule and people available to watch the kids. (My parents came over for about 1/2 the time we were there - which was invaluable!)
Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures. I forgot where I packed my camera until near the end of our trip. But we did end up taking the boys out to Quiet Waters Park one rainy afternoon.
Worthy running some energy off

They had an amazing playground, but the boys were most enthralled with the wall ledge

Not a great shot, but we've had some Prego Belly Photo requests :)