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Monday, August 25, 2008

Still swimming

More swimming fun


Last week, Worthy had his first day of preschool. Hurricane Faye cut the week short, so today he went back for Day #2. He likes his teacher and some of his buddies from his class last year are there too. He's going 3 half days a week now. I can't believe how old he looks...

Sea World Visit

Last week we went to Sea World and had a busy day. We went to the Elmo show, played on the huge netted playground and ran around in the sprinklers. We thought that Worthy would like the Elmo show, what we didn't anticipate was how much Will would enjoy it too. He was glued to the large furry dancers.

Sprinkler Bliss

And afterwards... two sleepy boys :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Watch out Michael Phelps

This past week Worthy took some swim lessons. He started out hating it and cried almost the whole first day, however, by the third day, he couldn't wait to go back. He was so excited to show-off what he'd learned. After the week was over, he was able to swim the width of the pool underwater, stopping in the middle to take a breath. I'm so proud of him... this was a big fear of his that he overcame with a lot of courage.

Be afraid Michael Phelps, be very afraid....

Friday, August 8, 2008


wow - 10 years ago today... it's crazy how quickly it goes. I never imagined I could adore and respect someone so deeply. What a delightful thing to be married to my very best friend! I'm so, so grateful. Even his jokes are funnier...

Sometimes kicking is good

Summer swimming fun...
We had a great time swimming yesterday. It was so relaxing that Will almost fell asleep in the floatie.

G & Grampy

G & Grampy came and watched Worthy while we were in Vienna. They also stayed for a couple days once we got back. The boys had a delightful time with them and so did we. We're so grateful to have wonderful family.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Worthy turns 4

So Worthy just turned four. We had a fun pool party with a couple of his friends. Worthy had picked out a Nemo cake (much to my surprise, I thought he would have chosen Cars...) Thankfully the rain let up and stayed away until the party was over.

Some of Worthy's friends after the pool party came indoors
Iain, Worthy, Dakota & Julia
Worthy got a bike!!! (Along with a helmet...)
He looks so old here, just can't believe what a big boy he is now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wien (aka Vienna)

So, our trip to Vienna was great. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I'm surprised by that.

It was a very productive time and we felt that God answered many of our requests affirmatively. The plane ride was endurable, although Will might beg to differ with that. Just a side note - it seems to be a universally held principal that if you wave fingers in front of a crying infant, they'll quiet down... not true and not helpful either :)

We had a delightful visit with the Hunters. They are the team leaders that are currently there. We were able to spend a lot of time with them and it still didn't feel like enough time... I think that's a good sign :) Their kiddos adored Will and I know the feeling was mutual. We had some amazing food and even better company. One afternoon we just had a delightful picnic at Schonbrunn Palace while Will had a much needed nap.

Not a bad backdrop for a picnic...
Another highlight was walking around and just roaming with no purpose through the city. We came across a beautiful church tucked away out of the tourist hubbub and then had a much needed Mineral Water break at an outdoor cafe.

And final highlight was an outdoor concert series for the public at the Rathaus (the City Council building). Every evening in the summer, they show a concert on a huge screen. The place was packed with young (and old too) listening the the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra play the music of Johann Strauss. Will was a trooper. And did I mention the food?!! Yeah, it was amazing.
It was a great trip and we encountered no "red flags". So, that means we're continuing with this process and plan on heading over to Vienna, unless God makes it clear otherwise. This felt like a big confirmation and we're grateful for that.... more to come soon :)