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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

I love pumpkin carving. This year Worthy was eager to make a jack o'lantern. He did not want a cute pumpkin, but more of a scary one. He designed the pumpkin and Daniel executed the drawing.
Dan goofing around with the Pumpkin Guts
William doing some investigative work
Calvin & I kicking back... notice Calvin's "smile"
Our 2 superheroes getting impatient
(Thanks Sweet Mandy for the capes - they play with them all the time!!)
Nice job Dad!

Terrible Twos

Despite these pictures, William is our most compassionate, tender-hearted kid. He has a very gentle soul. I also like to call him our "Party in a Box". Everything is fun & silly with him. The other day he came out with his boots on and became frustrated about something or another (I forget what...). He started throwing a tantrum and the camera was handy, so instead of disciplining him, I documented the moment. All was resolved quickly.
To finish on a sweeter note... we absolutely love Sweet William. He's so quick to resolve issues and get on with having fun and enjoying life.

Biscuit Fun

Calvin has just begun to snack on Biter Biscuits.
And he really likes them.

America's Next Top Model?

These pics just cracked me up. Before school one morning, it was a bit chillier than normal, so Worthy wore his coat. He also had his new watch on. I asked to take a picture of him. He was very cooperative, particularly because he was eager to show off his watch. Here are some on his creative poses showing off his Hot Wheels Timepiece.
Finally a Keeper :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moving Sale

So, we had our Moving Sale. We had SO much stuff that we sold. We woke up at 5am on Saturday to get things set up outside. We advertised on Craiglist and put up signs. We were a bit apprehensive as to whether or not all of this work was going to pay off. At 7am, the people began to swoop in. I had wonderful intentions of taking some pictures of the whole thing set up, but it was so hopping that I never had a minute to grab the camera. It was a madhouse, not unlike this. It was a smashing success. We sold items that we never dreamed anyone would ever want. Among some of the things to go: dining room table, countless baby clothes, infant car seat & stroller, American flag, old computer monitors, etc. Here's a picture (before setup) of some of the things piled up in a room. It's taken me weeks (maybe even months) of organizing, sorting & cleaning. In addition to this we had our garage nearly full of stuff we put out too.

We feel much, much lighter.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teammate Adventure

A couple weeks ago, we spent the weekend with our teammates, The Hunters. They're currently in Florida on Home Ministry Assignment. We met at the Cocoa Beach for the weekend with our families. We were thrilled to see them and have a chance for Worthy to have some bonding time with their kids.

Disclaimer: One of the things I LOVE is that Stacey is a wonderful photographer. I took few pics that weekend, relying on her skills. These are all her pics.

This is Dan & I with Brad & Stacey. Notice Brad's big guns in this pic... cough, cough :)

William loves the ocean.

Abby is WONDERFUL with babies and I couldn't have been happier to hand Calvin off for a bit.
Levi introduced Worthy to boogie boarding.

I love this picture of Dan & Will
One of the other fun events was "playing" shuffleboard. Our kids were just thrilled to push the puck around indiscriminately.
All-in-all, a wonderful trip with wonderful friends.