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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apfel-Hof 2012

Last weekend our church took a trip out of the city to go apple picking.  OK, the apple picking wasn't the main point, but it sure was a delightful side note.  
We had a fantastic afternoon of great fellowship in amazing weather and also a chance to meet some new people too.  This has been an annual event for our church family over the last few years and it was great to see familiar faces and new ones there.  

We began by gathering potatoes.  
The tractor dug them up from the ground and the kids successfully gathered them for our lunch.  

The O's had just won a playoff game the night before!
 Shortly afterwards, we enjoyed a tractor ride to the apple orchard and did some apple picking.  One of our friends is from Hong Kong and she had never ridden on a tractor before!  

After picking apples we had some of the fresh pressed cider.  
It was SO strong... the boys loved it!

One of the great perks of doing events with our church is that our teammate, Stacey, is an AMAZING photographer and she takes the best pictures. Most of this blog entry are pics from her. Here were some great/fun ones of the boys that she got.

 And finally after a long, wonderful day, we took the train home.  
Schnellbahn train rides are always a hit with us.

Watch out Emeril

William LOVES to interfere with help me in the kitchen.  Sometimes, I just need to cook or bake something quick and not have a 4 year old in the mix (pun intended...).  However, I most often try to remember how important teaching moments are and really incorporate him into the process.  And on more relaxed cooking ventures even explain things such as what baking powder or eggs do - a mini science lesson if you will. 

So, last week when I went grocery shopping at Aldi (Hofer auf Deutsch) I saw this adorable chef hat & apron.  After my third trip (in two days) I decided to pick one up for William.  
He loves it and insists on wearing it every time he helps me cook. 
Then Calvin began to wear the apron around the house and ask to help cook as well.  I couldn't resist suiting him up for the task too.  
I need to remember that right now cooking for our 4 boys is manageable, but someday (too soon) it will be a  gargantuan feat and I will need able-bodied sous chefs.  

I'm hoping this is our Uncle Jon in training!