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Monday, June 30, 2014

Next Mission

So for a while now we've been in a sort of limbo.  We knew that we were no longer going back to continue our work in Vienna, but we didn't know what was next.  Should we look at Vienna in another capacity? Germany?  Stay back in the States?  Just win the lottery and not worry about any of it?! 

After much soul-searching, praying and seeking respected council for these options, Dan's accepted a position to be part of a fantastic church in Washinton DC, Church of the Advent.  We will be moving early to mid-August into the city and starting another chapter of our lives.  We're excited.  And scared.  
And as we transition into ending this chapter of our lives I'm both thankful and sad.  Thankful that we had a chance to be part of a lovely church family in Vienna.  Thankful that my boys got to experience another culture and that diversity will be engraved on their hearts.  Sad that my son that was born in Vienna will have no memories there.  Sad that my other boys (and hubby) that worked SO hard at learning German will have little to no retention of it. Thankful that we start a new phase with a staff and church we adore and respect. Sad to say goodbyes to our friends in Florida that have embraced us as if we never left. Thankful to be on the same continent as family again.  Sad to be a continent apart from many that became family to us. 

Thankful for our past.
Hopeful for what is next.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Our boys have been in swim lessons, but these might be my favorite swim "lessons" I've seen them have.  Love these little guys!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Christian turns 2! (1 month ago...)

Christian turned 2 (on Easter Sunday) so we had a LOT to celebrate and it was so sweet that we got to have a celebration among family.  It's been awhile since that's happened.  My sister-in-law is a talented cake baker and whipped up this perfect birthday cake for Christian - isn't it precious?!   
 He was equally thrilled with it too!
 Very, very thrilled.
We really did provide him with a fork.
 Of course the day included some presents too.  
I included this one because Calvin's expression cracks me up!
 Having family around to share the event made it all the sweeter.

Even though this post is over a month late... we didn't forget about you :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Easter & NC Visit

Long overdue...
After one night of being home from Vienna, we drove to North Carolina to visit Dan's brother's family over the Easter holiday.  It's been a LONG time since we've seen them and it was a wonderful, wonderful reunion.  The kids had a blast together and it was awesome to see them have so much fun.  A sampling from our weekend...
All of us together
I was only able to hijack a few of the kiddos for this because they were distracted doing this...
Dance Party!

Since we were quite in a whirlwind from getting back, Bunny kindly took it upon herself to get our kiddos Easter baskets, etc. What a God-send! 

The one thing we were prepared for was these Easter ears.  Every year the boys parade around in them.  They are SO old and falling apart and still very beloved.
You can see how old here!

the attempted Easter Sunday photo shot
We had an awesome morning at church worshiping together.  The church did an Easter Egg hunt with the kids and a special story time outside.  Very cute.

Afterwards we came home and had super afternoon full of backyard play and Easter Egg hunts.

Jack - Official Master of Ceremonies

we were pretty jet lagged still :)
 I'm not sure what Calvin's excuse was, but he was in a Fit.  
(sometimes I love these pics the best!)

And obviously a visit to Winston-Salem is incomplete without stopping by Krispy Kreme.

his first KK!

The kiddos (and dads!) enjoyed some serious wrestling too!
A sweet, sweet reunion! 
We are SO blessed to have family that we'd easily choose as friends!