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Monday, February 17, 2014

Wildlife Park

A new friend invited us to join her and her boys for a visit to the Homosassa Wildlife Park.  We had a GREAT time. We saw some manatees, oogled a huge (and active) Hippopotamus and generally just had a wonderful time in the sunny weather. Yes, while our northern (and not so northern) friends and family are getting pummeled by snow and meteorologicly sealed into their homes we were outside working on our Vitamin D intake. Calvin & Christian hadn't seen any manatees before and they seemed to be interested in them.
Older boys spotting the manatees
It was a beautiful day.
My friend's boys are almost exactly Cal & Christian's ages so it was fun to see them interact.
At one point they commandeered the bench and turned it into their own jungle gym (pun intended...)
About the coolest thing I've seen in awhile... the hippo emerged!  I've only EVER seen hippos in the water.  The size and scope of this guy just baffled me.  I'm still at a loss for how his tiny legs hold him up.
We enjoyed a picnic lunch, saw some snakes & birds and thoroughly exhausted the boys. All-in-all a really great day!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Becoming Natives

We are slowly slipping into routines and becoming locals.  Here's what we're learning or doing:
  • Homework after dinner will always be poorly executed
  • Kids eat free on Monday (and Tuesday) at Cody's
  • The weekly library kid program is a must-attend
  • Standing next to my husband during worship is wonderful.
  • I just got a gas card to a local place that makes it a little cheaper.  (I hadn't pumped gas in 2 years!)
  • There are too many gastronomic temptations
  • We need to exercise... a lot
  • Soccer practice - it's more fun than practice
  • I have to consciously remember to say "Excuse Me" when trying to squeeze by people so as not to seem too rude.
  • The grocery store trip(s) has become a pleasant part of my week
  • Attending a weekly Bible Study that I use to attend - same location with many of the same women - has been a highlight of my week.
  • Being around older and vibrant Christians has been a balm to my soul
  • Not bundling up in Winter Gear has been a really nice change
It's nice to be back. We miss Vienna.  We miss being home even while we are here at home.  We're so blessed to call two places Home.