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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fossil Flip

Worthy has really been enjoying his Dino Trick Tracks lately. It seems that every time Grampy and Worthy went to Walmart, he would acquire a new Dino Track. Well this past week Grampy sent him the "sold out" Fossil Flip. He was VERY excited. And for the last 4 days he had his track set up in his room in anticipation of Fossil Flip's arrival.
This one is Fossil Flip

You can see the cars are meticulously lined up.

Monday, April 27, 2009

And now... Chubby Bunny

We have these Easter Bunny ears that play tune "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" and Will really gets a kick out of them. I'd thought I'd take some video and spread the love...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chubby Monkey

So Will wasn't intentionally playing Chubby Bunny, but it did seem like that for a minute. This kid LOVES to eat and he really feels that he ALWAYS needs to have the next bite waiting in his hand while he's chomping on his current bite... Silly Will!

Tent fun

Uncle Jon & Aunt Sarah got Worthy a tent for Christmas. And the other day I decided to go ahead and put it up... on the lanai. Setting up a tent outside is still a bit beyond my capabilities... unless I want a cast that smells like dirt until it comes off. So we settled for Plan B. Well they had fun messing around in it. Thanks Uncle Jon & Aunt Sarah!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can't wait to...

This is my Top 10 list of things I can't wait to do when I get this cast off...

10. Sweep & vacuum the floors
9. Do the dishes
8. Take the boys on a walk around the block
7. Cook a meal that doesn't involve the Toaster Oven or the Microwave
6. Take both boys to the grocery store
5. Make my bed in less than 10 minutes
4. Pick up the kids toys off the floor with out crawling on my knees
3. Wear a pair of shoes
2. Shave my leg
Drum roll...
1. Oblige Will when he lifts his hands over his head and wants to be carried around

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well we colored some eggs in preparation for Easter. We had a lot of fun making colors and trying to use the "invisible" crayon to decorate them.

Worthy really enjoyed making eggs for all his family. Below are the ones he made for G & Grampy.

On Easter Sunday, we had a WONDERFUL service. Afterwards we went home and did a treasure hunt for the Easter Baskets. Worthy had a ball running around finding and reading the clues. Here's a video of following the last clue (notice me in my sweet wheels!)

Will enjoyed his Easter Basket - his eggs were filled with Golden Grahams.

Friday, April 10, 2009


This is Sheepshead, the Irish Band that Dan's in. They play every other week at an Irish Pub in town and they're just terrific!
This is a short clip of them singing a great tune by
Dougie MacLean called "Are You Sleeping Maggie?"

Broken dreams...

Yep - 3 weeks ago I broke my foot. Quick Version of story: As I was unloading the dishwasher I looked down and saw a Palmetto Bug on my pajamas pants. I proceeded to jump up and down to get him off (and kill him) to no avail. Then my rationale mind decided to take off my pajamas pants - while jumping... bad decision. I got caught up in my pants and landed wrong on my foot. I immediately heard a crack and knew it was broken. Bug - 1; Jen - 0. I lost :( They had to do surgery and put 5 tiny screws and a plate into my 5th metatarsal. I've been on crutches for the last 3 weeks and will be on them another 3-4 weeks. I'm hoping and praying (and begging the doctors) to let me begin to put weight on it next week.
Two days after surgery, I had providentially scheduled a visit to Ohio to see my family. I ended up extending the trip and stayed for 2 weeks instead of one - hoping to give Dan a break from playing nurse-maid. I was a bit fearful of flying with the boys BEFORE this happened, but God has a way of showing me that He's capable of more than I can imagine. To my great joy, there were no "dirty" diapers on the way up or down. They would have had to been changed in the seat :)
Now I'm back home and Dan's mom is here taking complete care of us. We have wonderful friends that have been supplying our meals. I'm SO, SO grateful for all our our family and friends that are helping us get through this. We could not do it otherwise... and did I mention this is Easter week too?! God does have a sense of humor :)

Big Walker

So sad... gone are the days of our bobble-head crawler. Will is walking and LOVING it! He's zippy and likes to multi-task. It's not enough for him just to walk.
He prefers to walk and twirl socks - seriously... walking is incomplete unless he has socks in tow. Needless to say I've about given up on trying to find sock pairs. Thank heaven we're arriving into flip-flop season!