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Monday, November 3, 2008

Looking for an Agent

This weekend Jon & Sarah came to visit and they brought Rock Band! We all had a blast jamming and goofing off. Jon was a hit on the vocals. Worthy even gave singing a try too... Yes, Worthy was singing "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash. Aunt Bo would be so proud! Dan (of course) excelled on everything, but we were most impressed by his quick pick-up of the drums. Worthy's favorite instrument to play was Bass. All in all, a GREAT way to spend a Saturday morning!

Trick or Treat

We had a great evening of Trick or Treating. Appropriately, Will was a little pumpkin and Worthy was aforementioned Race car Driver. Worthy got some great candy!

Halloween Party

Last week we went to a Halloween Party at one of Worthy's friends house. Half an hour before we were going to leave Worthy passionately decided he wanted to be a Race Car Driver (instead of the Fireman & Soccer Player costumes we had ready...). So, because it was Halloween and suppose to be fun, I decided to scramble and put the creative juices into overdrive. And hence, Worthy was transformed into Jeff Gordon... or whoever :)

The party was a great time. The kids played games, jumped on the trampoline and just had fun. However the highlight of the afternoon for me was when my two sons had an un-coerced moment of quiet affection for each other. (hehe - I had to take a bunch of pics...)