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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Life Goes On

In the midst of the last few crazy months - despite time feeling like it stopped in some ways, life continued to go on.  The daily distractions of busy little boys and their expanding schedules has probably been a blessing in disguise.  There is something helpful about being genuinely busy when our cares seem to loom so large on the horizon.  Here's a small sampling of our last few months in Florida.  This is the normal stuff - and sometimes Normal is a really lovely place to be.
Worthy doing his reading homework
our little guy accompanying us on (yet another) school function
sampling (and sharing!) American perfection doughnuts
the vote is in
Worthy went on a school field trip to Kennedy Space Center and had a blast! He's very interested in space and all things science so this was a real treat for him. We're so glad he got to experience this.  I hope he will always think science is amazing! 

We've also had our fair share of Emergency Room and hospital visits. William and Dan are the only ones that haven't had some injury warranting a visit.  Just this past week Worthy fractured his little finger, Calvin had a weight dropped on his foot and we had reason to suspect Christian had ingested some tiny little pills.

If you'd love to hear me rant & rave complain - just ask me how I feel about American Insurance companies.  

On a much brighter note - we've gotten to enjoy baseball and T-ball!

Just a small sampling of our past few months of Normal.  
Normal can get a bad rap, but sometimes there is something so pleasant about the mundane.
Humdrum - I'll take it!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Missing My Boys

Dan & I are in Vienna packing up our apartment and we find ourselves desperately missing our little guys. Thankfully, we've been VERY busy with the business of packing up a household and getting together with friends.  We've been out every night with someone so our minds have been quite occupied.  With every moment filled with duty or pleasure, we've been blessedly distracted from focusing on missing our Home.  I had a little time this afternoon and just had to look at a few pics - I am missing them dreadfully!

Thank you God for my Home.
In the midst of feeling like a wanderer, I know where I belong.