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Friday, November 29, 2013

October Review

Just going to push through the guilt and do a post...  It's been awhile.  October was crazy busy, so I'll give a quick review.

Every fall we go out to an apple and potato orchard outside the city with our church.  We spend the day picking apples, potatoes, eating and enjoying (hopefully) the weather.  This year was perfect.  Beautiful day, amazing apples, delicious barbecue lunch and lovely company.  

Kindergarten Field Trip
Calvin & William are in a German speaking kindergarten this year.  I accompanied Calvin on a class trip out to the forest.  We took a bus out and had a forest ranger guide that took us on a trek through the forest. He taught all these city kids how to enjoy nature. 
taught them about flowers
and building shelter
and about toads
It wasn't until we had were headed back to the bus, that another parent explained to me that the guide was teaching the children how these flowers are poisonous.  Yes, I'm talking about the flower that Calvin is holding and had carried around most of the time we were there.  I guess I should learn the German word for poisonous. 

The result of exhaustion - not poison.

This is sort of the equivalent to our Independence Day.  (Read link above for more info).  We went downtown and enjoyed the festivities - lots of military vehicles and hands on things for kids. 
the bungy jumping wasn't for kids...

The kids really enjoyed hopping into the military vehicles and being behind the wheel. 
they also each got to enjoy a sweet treat...

and I enjoyed seeing some beautiful mosaics on the Parliament Building...