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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Zoo

We love going to the zoo.  We have a season pass.  I was a little worried when we decided to purchase it - would we use it enough to justify?  Would the kids get bored of the place?  I'm not even a big Zoo-Fan... will I get sick of it?  Well our season passes are well worn.  We use them frequently.  Sometimes we go as a whole family other times it is just a few of us.  All the kids have favorite animals and areas of the zoo that are "can't miss" when we go.  And it's located on the palace grounds which is always rather fun!

Hippos - always a favorite

"Hippofreundin" meaning Hippo Friend

great water park there that the boys always enjoy

great rock wall to try out
accidentally fell down after hanging out up top

This guy loves the BATS!

Kiddos to School

Our kids started school!  What a wonderful time of the year September is!!!  This is the first time (in a LONG) time, I've only had one kid at home.  It's remarkably freeing.  William & Calvin are at the same school this year.  William is in kindergarten and Calvin is just doing half days in preschool.  They are at a German speaking school, although their teachers can speak English.  So far - so good!
Our 4th Grader
they were so excited for school to start

Their first day!

Dürnstein Castle

Last month we took a quick afternoon trip out of the city to visit Dürnstein Castle.   Here are the remains of a castle where King Richard I (of England... you know Robin Hood's king...) was captured and imprisoned.

We met some friends there, hiked up to the top, enjoyed the view and had a quick lunch before heading back to town.  It was a great little trip to finish off the summer.  Beautiful weather, old castles and friends.  A great combination!
Almost there - looking up at the castle.  It was an uphill hike!

A view from above.  On the left are remains from an old monastery.

A beautiful view of the Danube

The kiddos up top.  There was an adult up there... although no guard rails.

Christian on my back.  We were a sweaty mess!

Our family of hikers!