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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I had been looking forward to taking Worthy camping for the first time, and also dreading it; whenever I've mentioned camping to him, the response was unwaveringly delivered in that post-toddler loud-and-high-pitched whine, "but III doooon't WWAAAANNNNTTT to gooooo caaammmpppiiinngggg!!!" Nevertheless, the day had to come to transition from Beilboyhood to Beilmanhood, and this lengthy Easter break provided the opportunity. Unfotunately, because I was so focused on one particular date (last night), I failed to check the weather forecast until 30 minutes before we were to leave. Rain! All night and the following day. Surely this would be 24 hours of misery!

Worthy enjoyed every minute of it! He never complained; on the contrary, he often remarked how good of a time we were having. And he loved sleeping in a sleeping bag.

We camped at Donaupark Camping Tulln, a short walk from the Danube and a short walk from the Danube, a short train ride away from Vienna.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Markets

So the Christmas Markets here were pretty cool. I think the Easter ones blow them away. We really enjoyed checking out the Easter eggs on view. These are real eggs, with the yolks blown out and hand painted. They're amazing. I did not have kids with me and think they will not be allowed to go until the age of 16 or so.

Cute kids pics

Just some recent cute pics of our crazy boys...

This is Worthy's first lost tooth.
He's recently lost his 2nd bottom tooth as well.
Will - love this kid!
Calvin - peeking through the dump truck

Happy baby squeals.

Our First Visitor

This month, we had our first visitor! It was Miriam Storm, a delightful woman we've known since she was a teenager. We were thrilled to see her. We hit some sites with her - she was ever so patient with our kids (and us!). We've held off on doing much Sight Seeing around here. We figured we'd get visitors occasionally and it might be fun to experience some of those things with them. With Miriam we got to tackle two great ones. The first was Schonbrunn Gardens.

We walked the grounds, got everyone tired and finished it off with some ice cream.

The second place we visited was the Belvedere which has an amazing art collection. (No pictures... sorry)

It also houses the infamous painting by Gustav Klimt "The Kiss". The painting was much grander and beautiful than I anticipated. It definitely wasn't a disappointment like The Mona Lisa... Miriam is getting her Masters in Art History at St. Andrews (in Scotland) - so we had a very insightful "tour guide".