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Thursday, July 30, 2015

June Recap

Another busy month has gone by.  We've been doing a little bit of "work", but it's been mostly a fun summer. I thought we needed some more craftiness in our lives, so we've done a couple projects that have been art-related, but fun too.  We made caterpillars out of egg cartons.  

It's also been a summer full of fun outings too.  We went to see the historic replica of the Hermione in Annapolis.  We were hoping to go on board, but the line was longer than we had time for.  We had to get back in time to have a friend come over, but seeing it up close was still really cool.

After waiting around in the blazing sun, I treated the boys to some ice cream on the City Dock.  It was a welcome refresher.

We also went to our first trip to the American History Museum when our friends, Blair & Sheri, came to visit from Florida.  They are seasoned parents of boys and were able & willing to jump into the fray of escorting boys around a museum.  The museum had a good number of hands-on stuff that was great for our kids. It was so wonderful to have them stay with us. A real treat on so many levels.

Lincoln's top hat worn the night of his assassination
trying to make a spark with flint
William giving a little talk
The older three boys did VBS at our former church in Annapolis.  The week was amazing and the boys can't wait to go back next year.
We also were pretty busy with baseball/T-ball finishing up.  Worthy & Calvin had great seasons and really enjoyed the teams they were on.
there were actually a few action plays at seasons end
Worthy playing catcher
Christian got dragged along to a lot of games
We continued to enjoy our Six Flags season passes.

Coke sponsored an event creating names on the cans :)

We also got to have a weekend get-away to a wedding of friends of ours.  My parents came up and watched the boys and we headed down to Virginia for a wedding weekend.  Dan helped with music for the ceremony and we were so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful wedding.  It's been such a gift to Dan & I to connect with this special couple.  What an absolute joy to see George & Rachel tie the knot!  A beautiful bride, a wonderful wedding.

And we also got to have other great friends stay with us for a few days.  It was refreshing to spend time with our friends from Vienna.  The amusing thing is that while they were here, Dan & William were in Vienna.  What a joy it was to have them! Thankfully, they left a day or two after Dan arrived, so he was able to connect with them before they left.  

So, this means Dan owes us a post on his trip to Vienna with William.  I'll see if I can wrangle him into doing that.  Spoiler Alert: They had a GREAT time!

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